Relegated to the Wednesdays of your days
And alternate weekends of your months
I’m left without you quotidian
By some mandate of the State

Had I known this when you joined me
I’d have spent more time at home
More time than skies can carry
Into your later life

Before I’ll know it you’ll be on
A way away from weekends, Wednesdays
On water ways and shopping aisles
Matinées, beef stroganoff and waffles

I asked you once your hand in mine
On our way into the store
If you’d leave it there when you’re fourteen
Or twenty which makes me fifty seven

And all you did was squeeze my finger
‘Cause it’s such a silly question
Since by then they’ll all be Wednesdays
That we’ll spend together

But I miss you on the others
Stunned each time I see you
How you’ve changed
And that would have gone unnoticed
In days spent quotidian


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