the grace of divorce – why we go: change

The rotation of his old orb creates two relational influences, of which we can do nothing about. One is time and the other gravity, both of which can be caustic to a marriage. While they are as predictable as a sunrise and a waterfall, they also give us a false sense of certainty, where, in... Continue Reading →


the grace of divorce – why we go: extreme terms

Quick. Think of something you always do or did for your partner. What is it about relationships that drive us to hyperbole? The best sex ever. Always and forever. Lester Burnham's Spectacular from American Beauty. There's something about being whooped that seems to limit our vernacular. Everything is amazing when you first fall in love,... Continue Reading →

faith expressed in arrogance is bigotry

When god found Adam figged, so to speak, he asked Adam what was up with that and when it was discovered that Adam ate the fruit from the wrong tree Adam shifted his culpability and did what comes natural for many men, he blamed the woman.

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