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pray while you hit

On the east side of the town where I grew up is the Altamont Pass, a range of foothills that separate Livermore from California’s great fruit and bread baskets to the world, the San Joaquin Valley. I believe the statute … Continue reading

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He had just turned four when he was admitted once again for aspiration pneumonia, another round in the war to keep his lungs clear. This one was nastier than most and the battle took us beyond our capabilities; Berr ended … Continue reading

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card trick

“When I was little, I ate gum off the ground.” “I hate cats but act like they’re okay.” “I put a dent in my neighbor’s truck with a hockey puck.” “I have cheated on a college test.” “I said the … Continue reading

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Smoking at Legoland

We were waiting outside a women’s restroom when Chris brought him to my attention. The restroom was in no ordinary place. We were in Carlsbad, California, in one of the funkiest amusement parks to which I’d ever paid too much … Continue reading

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from previous lives

On the way to Tournai. A p-day trip to Tournai, Belgium in 1981. Linda and Opaku Darko, Nancy, France, 1981. Outside 100 Rue Carnot, Tourcoing, France, 1981. The baptism of Jean Jaques Quilles, Nancy, France, 1981. Tourcoing, France, 1981. The … Continue reading

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Mary Ann

Reposted from Facebook, December 6, 2009. Some have been wondering who Mary Ann is that I referred to in Carpe Angulara. Okay, hoping this doesn’t come off narcissistic, it’s just that this was a big day for me. Owning this … Continue reading

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the grace of divorce – why we go: anger

Just a little warning; this gets graphic. I was working on what I had procrastinated most of the last semester of my undergrad work, shortly after I got my four year-old son through his bedtime routine and off to Sandmanland. … Continue reading

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carpe angulara

Ten years ago I rolled a fifteen passenger van full of Forensic students backwards down a small canyon outside of Casper, Wyoming. We were on our way to a regional tournament and in the thirteenth hour of driving came over … Continue reading

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the DNA of character

Ed is my good friend and below his pic is one of his good son. It’s a bloodline of Edness complemented by a smidge more volume of Jac’s lovely mother’s grace and sensibility, enough to encourage but temper potato gun … Continue reading

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Mountain Meadow

It’s disquieting in its quiet. The feeling much the same as when I’m visiting the grave of my son. It’s more than melancholy, it’s a sadness of history unheeded, lessons unlearned still. Over one hundred twenty children, women and men … Continue reading

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