It’s been a week or so since a student in one of my Interpersonal classes asked what I believed in since I don’t believe in god. It was a well-intended question, though there was a hint of murmuring among the others, but I’m not sure that was a reaction to the question or the potential of my response. Most know best not to get me started on things deity.

She was – they were – surprised when I disclosed that I believe in what they might consider to be heaven, and that I believe we live beyond this mortality. Not sure about forever, but I’ve had too many angels grace my life to deny it. I just don’t believe in god, or rather a god.

I believe in many. In fact, I’m surrounded by them.

I think there’s a god in all of us and in some perhaps a little devil, and in most a balance between within this ancient dichotomy. What does not happen often, though, is when that other-godliness resonates within me, cuts to the quick of my own soul (yes, I have one, surprise), and has me understand that the higher powers at work in my life reside in a few extraordinary humans.

More particularly in humans with whom there are sacrosanct connections, complimentary or even harmonizing frequencies that when combined can and will have the power to ameliorate the human condition.

For which I am full of gratitude and hope. The possibilities will astound.

Just you wait…

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  1. Have you ever read “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein? If not, you should. This idea is one of it’s themes, and the phrase “thou art god” is central to its message.

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