the water is wide

There's a photograph stored in a plastic bin that I can't look at. It was taken on highway 85 along the border of Georgia and South Carolina at a rest stop that overlooks a body of water that makes up the boundary. My wife at the time snapped the shot of me standing at the... Continue Reading →


midlife crisis

Funny how when you first buy a car it seems as if up to that point you've rarely seen anything like it on the road only to have that perception change a week or two into ownership where it seems everyone had the same idea as you. Or the horror of showing at some social... Continue Reading →

zen and the art of swimming pool maintenance

What little obsessive-compulsion I have, and some would argue about little, is usually assuaged in ameliorating something, taking care to see that whatever it may be lives to see the light of another day, or another mile, or another swim. One of my favorite reads, and only because it has something to do with motorcycles,... Continue Reading →

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