Mitt Romney is dumbfounding me as his campaign moves on. Stumping today he fired on President Obama accusing him and his administration of hurting America’s entrepreneurs and innovation.

In September of last year Obama’s Office of Science and Technology Policy spearheaded Startup America Partnership, a program independent of Federal funding, run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, to increase startup’s access to capital, to decrease bureaucracy in small business creation and accelerate innovation.

Obama’s American Jobs Act took this a step further to unlock capital for high-growth companies through tax cuts for small businesses, but neither side of the isle supported it. Imagine, the President introducing legislation for the people, the middle class especially, which garnered the only bi-partisan response in this congress’ history by not supporting this act. The conservatives labeled it a stimulus part deux, and the liberals trashed it because it was a tax cut.

For whom does this speak louder, the President, or Congress?

Its congress, but there’s not a GOP candidate stumping that can take that kind of self-examination.

As for Mitt, if he can’t convince each caucus that he can do better than the incumbent by actually telling the truth, why would anyone with a ballot consider him? Let’s see, it wouldn’t be because no one is checking the truth, would it?

Look at the integrity of Jon Huntsman, his campaign, his platforms, his continuity. Check for truth.

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One Response to dumbfounding

  1. eiznem says:

    I cannot understand why people don’t see that Jon Huntsman is the best solution for the GOP.

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