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(From my Digital Photojournalism post on Illustration) Over the weekend a Facebook friend coined a term for me, one that's apropos considering how I'm driven by it. When it comes to flushing out ideas or concepts on illustrative or editorial photography, there are dozens of approaches. Kobre sites John Newcombe's The Book of Graphic Problem-Solving: How... Continue Reading →


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Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Just a moment ago Sherry Turkle‘s daughter texted her: “Mom, you will rock.” Turkle loved it, she says. “Getting that text was like getting a hug.” Turkle, who has written extensively on the nature of human relations on the internet, who evangelized the internet, who loves receiving that text, is here to tell us that there may be a problem.

In 1996 she gave her first TEDTalk, “Celebrating our life on the internet.” She was excited, as a psychologist, to take what people were learning in the virtual world and apply it to the physical world. It made the cover of WIRED.

Her new book, Alone Together, will not make the cover of WIRED, she is pretty sure. She is still excited about technology, but is deeply worried that we are letting it “take us places we don’t want to go.” She’s interviewed hundreds of people…

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