best price on myrrh

The congruency that once existed between Thanksgiving and Christmas is in decay.

Look no further than the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. American culture is now laced with urban realities of human beings being trampled to death in others’ efforts to get the best price. It’s all about value, after all.

In the Christian celebration of good news, the ultimate gift, there is a remarkable likeness of value inscribed in the gospels in telling the greatest story ever told. From herald angels to the finest three magi could give to the king of kings, there were no bargains to be had in recognition of an Atoning One. That bargain would come later, the ultimate discount in lots cast for the robe of the same. What a steal for that Roman.

And yet, to celebrate the very same gift, the tradition has become the discount, how little for how much, the find of the gift defined by it’s discount rather than it’s value.

Imagine, “Is that your best price on myrrh?”

Sure, low prices enable us to spread the cheer a little farther, but this justification pales in the hypocrisy of honoring the birth of an Atoning Child with a discounted present.

Double entendre intended.

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