with stupefying rapidity

We brushed with the context under which hundreds of thousands live every single day, a cultural, social, psychological and temporal risk of losing one’s life in one’s own neighborhood. And collectively we watch in a way, surprised, unprecedented, through the veins of social media and arteries of cable news cycles feeding information and images with... Continue Reading →


we want to be with somebody

We’re on the romantic relational part of my interpersonal curriculum and I posed the question to students if they want to get married. Every hand went up save for one. And then I asked why. The responses are typical, the first being, it’s the “next thing on my list.” Other answers include lessening loneliness, validation,... Continue Reading →

the impossibility of the fourth estate

One of the things I hate about The West Wing is its transparent fiction. It’s like listening to Michael Douglas’s character, the President of the United States defend his slandered leadership in The American President; you wish there were really this type of leadership. Anywhere. But, that’s Hollywood, or rather, that’s Aaron Sorkin, who’s penned... Continue Reading →

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