we want to be with somebody


We’re on the romantic relational part of my interpersonal curriculum and I posed the question to students if they want to get married. Every hand went up save for one. And then I asked why. The responses are typical, the first being, it’s the “next thing on my list.” Other answers include lessening loneliness, validation, and even a few speak to the idea of love.

In the class that followed a student spoke up to the lingering question. “We’re all relational.” She went on to say that it’s a natural part of who we are, a predisposition to the human condition. Absolutely. I know of a few folks who’d disagree, but for the most part, I know for my part, we want to be with somebody.

And I couldn’t leave that alone. “So, we’re getting together for something more than just procreation?” And the answers like companionship, sharing life’s experiences, supporting and being supported quickly came to the top; the exuberance in the room was encouraging. Even in just talking about it we were getting kind of giddy, kind of romantic. It’s easy to get romantic about romance.

“Then, why are we so bent on deciding who can and can’t get married?”


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