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Place Pierre Semard,Tourcoing

Part Three in the Derailleur series. Six changes of underwear (Mormon), two sets of The Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (English and French redundancies), the other Mr. Mac Ironman Swedish-knit polyester suit, six white … Continue reading

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100 Rue Carnot, Tourcoing

Part Two in the Derailleur series. We don’t appreciate rail travel west of the Mississippi. It’s seems to hold a place just a notch above Greyhound. In Europe it is mainstreamed into the notion of motion. Where here we’re sequestered … Continue reading

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Boulevard de Denain, Paris

Time to peel the kid gloves and get my fingerprints on this, the story of a number of experiences, one in particular, from my service as a Mormon missionary in France and Belgium, 1980-1982, and then events and realizations peppered … Continue reading

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