Place Pierre Semard,Tourcoing

Part Three in the Derailleur series. Six changes of underwear (Mormon), two sets of The Standard Works of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (English and French redundancies), the other Mr. Mac Ironman Swedish-knit polyester suit, six white shirts, four ties, two pairs of jeans, three sweaters, two oxfords, various t-shirts, a pair... Continue Reading →


100 Rue Carnot, Tourcoing

Part Two in the Derailleur series. We don’t appreciate rail travel west of the Mississippi. It’s seems to hold a place just a notch above Greyhound. In Europe it is mainstreamed into the notion of motion. Where here we’re sequestered in sheet metal cages, on the rails you’re exposed to directions and purpose instead of... Continue Reading →

Boulevard de Denain, Paris

Time to peel the kid gloves and get my fingerprints on this, the story of a number of experiences, one in particular, from my service as a Mormon missionary in France and Belgium, 1980-1982, and then events and realizations peppered through my life as a young father and husband that resulted in my breaking away... Continue Reading →

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