A sidebar to Derailleur. So, I’ve done the cost/benefit on that last post. On the last twelve for that matter. I do on everything I write on ImNoSaint. I’ve been asked by several readers why I posted number twelve, while no one said a word about number five. So, here you go. Cost - nothing,... Continue Reading →


Antidépresseurs et une Régime Riche en Fibres

Part Twelve in the Derailleur series. I think it was in 1998 when I first saw Pulp Fiction. No revelation, no emerging repressed memory. I just bled. That wasn't the first time. In 1986 I saw a doctor for bloody stools. Bright red. No exam, just a sample kit for me to bring back to the... Continue Reading →

Chez l’Américain

Part Eleven in the Derailleur Series Just before I was discharged from the hospital in Charleroi I was given a referral from an orderly who was attending to me. He was Flemish, but his English was good enough to convey that he knew of a man who lived north of Charleroi who’d be very interested... Continue Reading →

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