nothing has changed

Given the apocalyptic diatribes and vitriol spawned in contrast to the joy and celebrations of the events of last week, it’s important to understand that if you are white, married, straight and Christian, nothing has changed for you.

Nothing has changed for you with the removal of the Confederate flag from any State edifice or grounds, from the shelves of WalMart or Target or the web pages of Amazon. The first is an exercise of State’s rights and the second an exercise of either prudent commerce or public relations, or both, because regardless of how you feel about the stars and bars, despite what it means to you, it was created to represent a tyrannical movement rooted in state’s rights endorsing slavery, the complete and total subjugation of Blacks. The only way you could possibly be affected by the removal of this flag while remaining insensitive for what it has represented to millions of our brothers and sisters is because you are a racist. If that’s the way you feel, nothing has changed for you.

Nothing has changed for you with the SCOTUS’ decision to legalize marriage equality. If it has, your own marriage is not what you purport it to be. If it is so fragile that the very idea that homosexuals can now be recognized by states the same way “traditional” marriages can, whatever the divisive issue may be is within your own matrimony. The definition of marriage has only changed for you if you are gay or lesbian, and if you’re in love with someone with whom you wish to legally and lawfully wed and if you live in a state where that right has yet to be afforded. If you’re already married to someone, someone of the opposite sex, you are living your definition of marriage between a man and a woman. Nothing has changed for you.

Nothing has changed for you with the legal sanction for all individuals to have the same rights to marriage. If you believe these rights will infringe upon your religious freedoms, you have little understanding of the First Amendment. Nothing has changed for you.

Most of all, though, nothing has changed for you if you’re a Christian. Your marriage vows, covenants and promises are no less sacred nor holy simply because those you esteem to be unworthy of the blessings of marriage can enter into it. The Atonement still stands for your salvation. You’ll still be saved by your works or by grace or by whatever you believe. The Sermon on the Mount has not lost its efficacy. The SCOTUS has no jurisdiction there. But, if you feel indignant that gays can now marry, if you love the sinner, but hate the sin, if you claim you have friends who are gay but don’t understand their lifestyle choices, religion – with all its potential to ameliorate the human condition – has been lost on you.

If you have taken upon yourself the name of Christ, and if you take emblems regularly reminding you of His sacrifice and gospel, and if you feel contempt, outrage, atrocity, and doom due to the removal of a symbol of hate and the legalization of marriage equality, nothing has changed for you.

This is not the end of the world, but two incredibly significant steps to making it better.

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