Playa Della Rosita, Washington

Part Fourteen in the Derailleur Series My first morning home I was awakened very early by my mother. She was standing in the doorway of what used to be my room and was shouting my name. She and my dad picked me up from McCarren Airport in Las Vegas the night before, the closest airport to... Continue Reading →


Le Quartier de Mouscron

Part Thirteen in the Derailleur Series Perhaps some order is in order. The chronology of my mission went like this: Mons, Belgium - three months; Seraing, Belgium - a week; Brussels - three months; Nancy, France - three months; Tourcoing, France - three months; Charleroi, Belgium - three months; Reims, France - three months. Seraing... Continue Reading →


A sidebar to Derailleur. So, I’ve done the cost/benefit on that last post. On the last twelve for that matter. I do on everything I write on ImNoSaint. I’ve been asked by several readers why I posted number twelve, while no one said a word about number five. So, here you go. Cost - nothing,... Continue Reading →

Chez l’Américain

Part Eleven in the Derailleur Series Just before I was discharged from the hospital in Charleroi I was given a referral from an orderly who was attending to me. He was Flemish, but his English was good enough to convey that he knew of a man who lived north of Charleroi who’d be very interested... Continue Reading →

Noël à Charleroi

Part Ten in the Derailleur Series Right before I got my transfer to Tourcoing I prayed one night bedside in my apartment in Nancy. All was going so well for me; I was teaching, we were baptizing, the weather was beautiful. In my first ville in three months I saw the sun for only three... Continue Reading →

Rue du Mons, Charleroi

Part Nine in the Derailleur Series My new companion was unaffected by my face. He was heading home in four weeks and nothing seemed to drown out that noise in his head. He was my second dying companion. One more and I'd become known as a mortician. He was there to pick me up at... Continue Reading →

Rue de Metz, Nancy

Part Eight in the Derailleur Series The lunacy of Jean’s incarceration was offset by the mystery of a letter received around the same time we found Jean in June, 1981. The letter was forwarded from the Paris Mission directly to our apartment, not via the mission home in Brussels. Its forwarder averted the usual line... Continue Reading →

Grand Place Stanislaus

Part Seven in the Derailleur series. Prostitutes weren’t the only driving force behind sending missionaries home early in Brussels. There was much other trouble to get into, not the least of which involved poaching. On district splits downtown we met up with a foursome to hit a specific quartier, kind of a Jehovah’s Witness approach... Continue Reading →

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