the unavoidable feeling of relief

Over lunch the other day my sweet wife and I talked about assisted suicide, a topic one son has been debating in his pre-med studies at college. He holds an opinion that may seem contrary to the Hippocratic oath, that it's the right of the patient to determine their fate given the circumstances that decision... Continue Reading →


Smoking at Legoland

We were waiting outside a women's restroom when Chris brought him to my attention. The restroom was in no ordinary place. We were in Carlsbad, California, in one of the funkiest amusement parks to which I'd ever paid too much for admission, especially considering this one was made of Legos. It might as well have... Continue Reading →

after she got back on

(Written 10/13/09) She walks away from me this evening in her ropers toting the lead to her horse, and the moment took me to a wonderful place. I wrote a while ago how being away from her makes me appreciate her even more and noticing the subtle changes where I would’ve overlooked them on a... Continue Reading →

the quiet woman

A trivet sits on my stove top, a place to set a hot pot or a taster's spoon. It's a cast iron frame with a ceramic tile inserted and painted on it is an 18th century New England Inn sign. The name of the establishment is "The Quiet Woman." Its icon is a plump feminine... Continue Reading →


Relegated to the Wednesdays of your days And alternate weekends of your months I'm left without you quotidian By some mandate of the State Had I known this when you joined me I'd have spent more time at home More time than skies can carry Into your later life Before I'll know it you'll be... Continue Reading →

the natural order of things

I used to photograph families. It started with weddings and when I built up a clientele I was asked to shoot portraits of multiple generations at family reunions, the greatest of which was five. There it would be, lined out in front of my camera, generational benchmarks.

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