gentlemen’s club

There’s a term that should be removed from the current vernacular on sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual abuse. It’s a word pushed into some kind of placebo to assuage these issues, but as long as we keep using it we will not make any progress on the underlying gender issue of equality. That term... Continue Reading →


brain damage

There are little black smudges throughout my house, not everywhere, just on the door frames of the bathroom and the back outside door, the handle of the fridge, the microwave door and the lever of the kitchen faucet. These appear anytime I’m working on a machine. Lately that’s been two - a motorcycle and an... Continue Reading →

you be hatin’ the wrong way

A student dropped by my office yesterday to tell me about what happened to him a few days ago. He was walking along the street that borders the north of our campus, and he was walking while black. An older SUV with a Confederate flag waving from behind approached him, and the passenger leaned out... Continue Reading →

as if the inevitable was not

The second time my valentine fell out of its natural cadence I was in a cardiac care unit, which is exactly where you want to be when your heart fails. If it weren’t for the erratic beeping and alarms from the telemetry, it would have been more of a peaceful threshold experience, one that would... Continue Reading →

from prerogatives to convictions

I hosted another Community Conversations television program the other night, the same night as the republican candidates debate with Tump in absentia. I wish I could say that was a permanent condition, but I digress. Our show was a town-hall type, where we introduce a topic and talk about it with folks from our local... Continue Reading →


Pork Barbacoa is a comfort food for me. I was getting in the line that leads me to it at my favorite Tex-Mex joint, going over my order in my head, though it hasn’t changed in ten years and I’d been eating a lot of sweet pork burritos lately. But you don’t want to be... Continue Reading →

something completely indeterminable

From my Facebook thread on What Happened in Ferguson? As one who follows "modern philosophies," I am not advocating Brown's innocence. What I am condoning is a search for context that gets beyond racist attitudes and assumptions. Michael Brown was a thug and a criminal and he had the right to an arrest, an arraignment... Continue Reading →

say what you want

Some of my best friends are black/gay/Muslims/Democrats/from LaVerkin. In the discipline, we call this a sin license, because what is about to follow that quip will invariably be rhetorically transgressive, though, I have to admit, I’ve never heard anyone say, “Some of my best friends are Democrats.” Too risky, even for a sin license. It’s... Continue Reading →

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