and she is

she walked into the room and it became wasted on sunsets overkill on newborns hyperbole for rosesshe walked on the beach and it was transcendent to color deeper than texture a line like no othershe wakes up next to me and it is laced in her rhythm saturated in her grace dancing in her opening... Continue Reading →


without the joy

what was it like for you to leave me the way that you did all the intrusion invasion withdrawn leaving your body finally freed without the joy of knowing so at least while still its little boy what is it like for you to see me the way that you can minimize the temporal brush... Continue Reading →


Relegated to the Wednesdays of your days And alternate weekends of your months I'm left without you quotidian By some mandate of the State Had I known this when you joined me I'd have spent more time at home More time than skies can carry Into your later life Before I'll know it you'll be... Continue Reading →


Dip into this liquid epidermis and Navigate the passage of this ocean's soul When inside half I feel, Outside again I'm whole. Ashore gone blind has wont to see At sea beyond liquid refraction. Only to mine eyes is known my island's Gross infraction Of not discovering thee 'till now. Grateful to now 'stead half... Continue Reading →


I've yet to see your face though I've felt your breath on my neck that time at pavement passing 'neath my feet too quick to yield myself alive and once when heart and mind disagreed with autonomy derived from nature's pure intent and form the physician's hypothesis to stand and that morning I resisted looking... Continue Reading →


it has since coined a tone derogatory to anyone found behind its description a modifier of confusing relation instead of mounting a new path and it has attached to you not unlike the siliceous slipper that remained on temporary princess foot the other lost to all but one who didn’t care that it was once... Continue Reading →


this stone wrest on riverbank and cleansed by currents rolled into form clear and smooth knocked off the rough and ungainly to the one who picked it up and threw it back to river bottom not skipping wakes and eddies sank beyond the infiltration of sun’s light and sky’s blue blanketed in depositing silt knew... Continue Reading →

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