because we’re right

I’ve written before that faith expressed in arrogance is bigotry. And while that post dealt with a conference talk from Boyd K. Packer on pornography, I’m writing with a much broader brush. If you’re convinced that the new LDS Handbook One updates about apostates and children being denied blessings that are doctrinally critical to their... Continue Reading →


touch wood

Uchtdorf’s rhetoric is angering in its dismissal, misrepresentation, and discount of what many in his own audience are experiencing due to TSCC’s own efforts to be more transparent.

the danger of critical thinking

The provisional perspective asks questions, it experiments and designs, it’s creative and definitional, it’s well informed, and it staves off conclusions until it's satisfied that all the evidence has been considered.

we are not sticks of gum

I cut into Amanda’s story on CNN with the 911 call on Monday morning. Her voice so incredibly young for her age, her syntax evidence of a decade of being squelched. Writing about it now even stirs up the anxiety I felt when I listened to her. The anxiety attack so acute for me Monday... Continue Reading →

best price on myrrh

The congruency that once existed between Thanksgiving and Christmas is in decay. Look no further than the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday. American culture is now laced with urban realities of human beings being trampled to death in others' efforts to get the best price. It's all about value, after all. In the Christian celebration... Continue Reading →

the beauty found in contradiction

Filmmaker Helen Whitney graced our campus last week with her lectures, Spiritual Landscapes: A Life in Film. Each was a look and commentary of some of her work including Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero, The Mormons, and most recently Forgiveness: A Time to Love and a Time to Hate. I sat and listened to... Continue Reading →


We’ve all seen the bumper sticker, especially in more conservative contexts, “ nation, under God...” I saw a beautiful etching of this on the backlight of a car the other day. As I rode my motorcycle behind it, I ran through the Pledge in my mind and was struck by the irony of the movement... Continue Reading →


It's been a week or so since a student in one of my Interpersonal classes asked what I believed in since I don't believe in god. It was a well-intended question, though there was a hint of murmuring among the others, but I'm not sure that was a reaction to the question or the potential... Continue Reading →

faith expressed in arrogance is bigotry

When god found Adam figged, so to speak, he asked Adam what was up with that and when it was discovered that Adam ate the fruit from the wrong tree Adam shifted his culpability and did what comes natural for many men, he blamed the woman.

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