The Catalyst of To Risk

The good news is that after two decades of increasing rates of full-term induced labor, doubling for that period of time where now one in four deliveries are induced, the numbers are starting to turn by a whopping .4 percent. In 2013, new studies raised concerns that using pitocin to induce labor had more risks... Continue Reading →


missing a glass slipper

They smile, Ian kisses Ginny on her cheek while Linda kisses the other.

puta madre

Not a soul around on this Thursday afternoon except for his and the one inside, though several people might argue that one.

holy shit

Gray watches the upside down image as the SWAT truck rolls to a stop, his eyes riveted on the optical trick of the camera obscura.

a percutaneous gastrostomy

Tap, tap, listen. He finds the spot and marks it with his index finger and brings the Betadine sponge in trailing dark, disinfecting iodine along its path to the indexing finger and traces a circle of bronze antiseptic around his digit.

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