now is a good time

Had this been an interrogation, this is exactly where the detective would want to be, knowing the next question is going to bust it all open.


an infusion pump

“I brought you a picture you can hang on that wall in your office that has all those pictures of the precious and beautiful babies you delivered.”

red dots

Most of his cases of missing persons are related to the cooking and distribution of meth. But here, represented by red dots are more dead or dying than Alvarez will ever investigate over the course of his career, none of which fall under the legal definition of a crime.

camera obscura

The lock-checking man attaches another puck to the unit of a delinquent renter, 434, and were the drying fans of the automated car wash silenced along with the high pressure nozzles and the earphones from his MP3 player he uses to drown out all the noise, he might have heard Gray’s screaming.

to risk

This is a ritual she devised after therapeutic sessions dealing with her sense of worthlessness, a mine attached to the bottom of her soul when her first husband left her for someone fertile.

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