never cry wolf

  Jonah Mowry’s video was shared by a number of sympathetic viewers on my Facebook feed. Given the respect I have for these friends I clicked it and watched and got quickly caught up in Jonah’s message, in his appeal. He communicates his message by showing three by five cards choreographed to a song with... Continue Reading →


shark detection

From my company blog Truth Decay at The Inimij Group I’ve been enamored with a dramatic series on Starz called Boss with Kelsey Grammer and Connie Nielson among an extraordinary and equally brilliant cast. Grammer makes a radical departure from a lifetime career as Dr. Frasier Crane from Cheers and then the popular Frasier series. He is... Continue Reading →


From my company blog Truth Decay at The Inimij Group We wanted to believe the lies about weapons of mass destruction in the clutches of Saddam Hussein. It was an automatic attitude response. Thirteen months previous to the UN's investigation into Hussein's stash, the United States was attacked. We were all injured, all dazed and... Continue Reading →

good montana boys

From my company blog Truth Decay at The Inimij Group On our way to enjoy Zion Canyon we passed by a couple hitchhikers a few miles from the park's entrance. Both were young twenty-somethings, unshaven, worn a bit from their travels so far. One held a sign that said "Good Montana Boys." My wife was... Continue Reading →

born liars

From my company blog at The Inimij Group. My son was five years-old when I first detected a lie from him, or better, when I first admitted he was capable of lying. It was a Saturday morning and he was zipping through the house without his recently prescribed glasses. “Hey Buddy, where are your glasses?”... Continue Reading →

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