deciding to live

Seldom a day goes by where I don’t make the decision to keep on living. That is difficult to admit here, but I’m guessing not all that surprising. I have and will probably always feel the old, familiar, intense and deep sadness and depression, emotions as akin to me as love and even joy. That... Continue Reading →



Time to peel the kid gloves and get my fingerprints on this, the story of a number of experiences, one in particular, from my service as a Mormon missionary in France and Belgium, 1980-1982, and then events and realizations peppered through my life as a young father and husband that resulted in my breaking away... Continue Reading →


Last Sunday morning I opened my eyes to find dots of sunlight hitting the west wall of our bedroom. The breeze in the cottonless cottonwood tree outside the window layered with the lace of our bedroom curtains made an unrepeatable cookaloris, dancing dots of sunrise light glittering like starlight across the eggshell surface. They started... Continue Reading →

nothing has changed

Given the apocalyptic diatribes and vitriol spawned in contrast to the joy and celebrations of the events of last week, it’s important to understand that if you are white, married, straight and Christian, nothing has changed for you. Nothing has changed for you with the removal of the Confederate flag from any State edifice or... Continue Reading →

too soon

It is a bit of conditioning that has us consider decade anniversaries as being more significant than the others even though a year is still a year. They become milestones in measurement - years divisible by ten - and today marks the twentieth year since the death of my oldest son. Besides amazement at the... Continue Reading →

Seven Reasons to Not Stop Believing in God

1. You will be responsible for your own decisions. You won’t have the luxury of your own personal revelation, nor can you blame an evil adversary for temptations. Instead you will understand that the still small voice you thought was supplementary is actually your own voice and as such you’ll have to make decisions on... Continue Reading →

love it or fuck you

In leading a discussion about what’s going on in Kiev in my photojournalism class this week I posed the question, why don’t Americans revolt? Lots of shrugging and then a few answers that mirrored Robert Reich’s analysis on this concept.In a post on his Facebook page he talks about three reasons; we’re afraid of rocking... Continue Reading →

in a handbasket

I asked my Social Media students to simultaneously watch President Obama’s speech Tuesday last justifying his position on waging a military action against Syria, and track social media responses on any channel of their choice, though most went with Twitter and Facebook. The results were predictable, and yet perhaps a bit eye-opening for some. They... Continue Reading →

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