years gone by

I just finished taking a walk with my son. We met for lunch and ended up walking around campus on this rainy Wednesday, looking at how our alma mater has changed. As we walked up the Encampment Mall, I spoke of the rows of single-wide trailers that occupied that spot, not of the original settlers,... Continue Reading →



Pork Barbacoa is a comfort food for me. I was getting in the line that leads me to it at my favorite Tex-Mex joint, going over my order in my head, though it hasn’t changed in ten years and I’d been eating a lot of sweet pork burritos lately. But you don’t want to be... Continue Reading →

because we’re right

I’ve written before that faith expressed in arrogance is bigotry. And while that post dealt with a conference talk from Boyd K. Packer on pornography, I’m writing with a much broader brush. If you’re convinced that the new LDS Handbook One updates about apostates and children being denied blessings that are doctrinally critical to their... Continue Reading →

touch wood

Uchtdorf’s rhetoric is angering in its dismissal, misrepresentation, and discount of what many in his own audience are experiencing due to TSCC’s own efforts to be more transparent.

The Catalyst of To Risk

The good news is that after two decades of increasing rates of full-term induced labor, doubling for that period of time where now one in four deliveries are induced, the numbers are starting to turn by a whopping .4 percent. In 2013, new studies raised concerns that using pitocin to induce labor had more risks... Continue Reading →

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