About ImNoSaint

I’m No Saint is now the book, I’m No Saint: That Dichotomy of Being that you can order through Amazon, paperback or Kindle. I’ve also written the novel, To Risk, that can be found on Amazon as well.

While writing and posting this blog, over the years many have asked where I’m coming from in my views, opinions and beliefs. The best iteration of my credo and response to these questions was written by Thomas Paine, an idea that I’ve adhered to for ten years now, relinquishing fear, doubt and ignorance;

Were life a gift, we have an obligation
Were love a magic spell, we need a rite;
And were all truth for us, one with illusion,
We have need for someone else’s sight.
Were there a door to life we could not open,
Who kept it closed might ask us for a fee;
Were heaven held by incorporation,
No doubt it’s stock would not be wholly free.
It is our fear that gives away our freedom;
It is our doubt that keeps full love away;
Our willing ignorance prevents our wisdom;
These are the only costs that we must pay.

This blog includes the series, Derailleur, an account of events and realizations that brought me to a point of breaking away from religion.

Cornering Consciousness is another blog I write, this one about the adventures we take.

Thanks for dropping by. If you have something to add, please comment.

Eric Young


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  1. Your open disclosure and honesty about the context in which you live is intriguing. Thank you for sharing the candidness of your soul. May we all find the courage to fearlessly live our lives.

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