Shooting Zion

Despite all the celluloid and digital records I've made of Zion National Park since 1980, I’ve never had a moment where I could say that’s a keeper. I believe that is because all attempts to replicate fail on so many levels compared to Zion's contextual impact on just being there. For me there’s little point in pulling... Continue Reading →


slumming with an iPhone

Having a steady diet of medium format cameras from Hasselblad to Mamiya, shooting anything less felt like I wasn't taking the craft seriously. Shooting in 35mm I felt compensated a bit with the heft of a pair of Nikon F3s and an array of fixed focal length lenses. Neither format suited well the glove box... Continue Reading →

the DNA of character

Ed is my good friend and below his pic is one of his good son. It's a bloodline of Edness complemented by a smidge more volume of Jac's lovely mother's grace and sensibility, enough to encourage but temper potato gun golf. The portraits are two favorites because of their aesthetic and psychic connection, one that... Continue Reading →

Mountain Meadow

It’s disquieting in its quiet. The feeling much the same as when I’m visiting the grave of my son. It’s more than melancholy, it’s a sadness of history unheeded, lessons unlearned still. Over one hundred twenty children, women and men perished here by the hands of fear.

Facing East

I heard about Facing East at a Gay Pride event in Hollywood, Summer of 2007. A friend was shooting a documentary about gay men who had left their Latter-day Saint contexts and established happy lives outside the enclave, and he'd asked me to shoot second unit covering our two subjects at Gay Pride. There we... Continue Reading →

the natural man

Jed was my trainer until he moved to attend the U. He trains and competes in all-natural body building and as you can tell, is vey successful. Click the images for full size.

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